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Are you searching for your purpose in life? Today’s guest shares with us how you can define and create the life that you want by being purposeful, intentional, and by shifting your perspective.

Ajit Nawalkha is the co-founder of MindValley and founder of EverCoach. He shares with us his incredible journey — how he rose from his humble beginnings in India to achieve the life he is enjoying today.

Show Notes:

  • From humble beginnings to Mindvalley co-founder [1:24]
  • The moment Ajit realized he could choose the life he wanted [4:51]
  • Hitting the reset button on his life [6:30]
  • How Ajit became the co-founder and eventually the CEO of MindValley [10:40]
  • How his biggest successes lead to his downfall [11:56]
  • Finding purpose and the intentionality of his life [12:52]
  • How EverCoach was born [13:55]
  • When will the switch in your life happen? [17:47]
  • Means goals vs. End goals – What’s the difference? [23:23]
  • Why happiness happens in a moment [28:38]
  • All human beings are mission-driven [30:14]
  • Entrepreneurs don’t need more strategies [39:36]
  • The power of freedom of choice [44:00]
  •  Setting expectations [48:23]
  • The 4 by 4 workweek – working 4 hours a week for 4 hours a day [51:20]

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