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What does it take to go from having a “good idea” to having 40+ employees and working with the Fortune 500, in under 5 years? Today we dive into the practical steps and mindset upgrades that allowed our guest to do exactly that.

Today’s guest is Ian Blair. He is the co-founder of build fire, a platform that allows anyone to simply and quickly make an app for their company. At just 26 years old, he has achieved so much in his business and is he’s on the track to achieving so much more as he continues to reinvent his business and evolve as a person.

Show Notes:

  • Go Big or Go Home matters to your success [4:36]
  • Why Ian sets the bar high for himself [6:11]
  • The skills you need to build to be successful [9:45]
  • Struggles that Ian experienced at the start of their business [13:25]
  • What prevents most companies from really getting big [16:27]
  • The importance of reinventing your business and evolving as a person [19:55]
  • The #1 catalyst to growth [21:56]
  • OWNING the business–– not being a slave to the business [23:20]
  • Growth hurts [31:11]
  • The narrating self vs. the experiential self [32:17]
  • Success isn’t rocket science [33:38]
  • Ian discusses the repressive thoughts he had growing up [34:51]
  • The importance of going one step after another [38:22]
  • Being a lifelong learner helps Ian succeed [41:22]
  • How visualization and daydreaming contributes to the manifestation of what Ian wants in life [47:10]


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