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In the world of social media the truth behind the photos, videos, and posts is often very different than the reality.  In the health and fitness industry Images of “perfection” are what gets posted and draw in the “likes”, but look just under the surface and the reality is anything but healthy.  Worse yet, this unattainable level of physical perfection causes most normal people to hate their bodies and diminish their self-image.

Today’s guest is Alli Waddell. She’s a personal trainer and wellness coach on a mission to end this drama and help people create a body, a mindset, and a life they love.  Alli’s own journey, and those of her clients, have led her to discover that there’s no singular path to living a healthy life– and value everyone’s unique journey.

In this episode Alli talks about the importance of knowing what your real goals are and how flow and relaxation are keys to achieving success. She also shares how her own struggles with an eating disorder (which she kept hidden from the people closest to her) led her to reevaluate the way she was approaching health and paved the way for her to become a wellness coach and help women create a positive relationship with their bodies and lives.

Show Notes:

  • How your relationship to your body is the longest relationship you’ll ever have [5:34]
  • Alli shares the struggles of having an eating disorder as a personal trainer [14:03]
  • How to become aware of the blind spots, patterns, disempowering beliefs holding you back in your life [21:44]
  • Alli shares the tipping point that changed everything and empowered her to take control of her life [29:57]
  • “When you get in alignment with what your purpose and your soul is asking you to do, the universe will help you” [33:46]
  • Wellness comes from “flow” that brings joy and ease [35:52]
  • The value of creating priorities. [41:26]
  • Why success needs to be reevaluated regularly and the myth of “happily ever after” [42:13]
  • The consequences of running on empty. [55:22]
  • The transformative power of psychedelics and plant medicines in the wellness journey [57:40]


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