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Can a change in mindset immediately change how others perceive you? Can it create an instant and lasting change in your body?  And how can members of the sandwich generation (families where someones kids and parents move back into the home) handle their aging parents needs gracefully?  This, and more, is what we dive into on today’s episode.

Our guest today is Taylor Cannizzaro. CEO and Founder of Raising Parents, Taylor shares her tips on how we can take care of ourselves while taking care of aging parents needs gracefully and in a sustainable way. Listen in on Taylor’s story, as she shares from her broad background as a scientist, cancer researcher, leadership trainer, and ocean advocate.

Show Notes:

  • How fear prevents us from reaching full self-expression and blocks us from being of service to the world.  [8:04]
  • Reconciling your spirituality and logical mindset–– a scientist’s perspective [8:52]
  • How you can create and re-create who you are at any given moment [13:43]
  • Engaging others to see you in a new way  [16:09]
  • What to do when someone is unwilling to share in your new vision [18:37]
  • How the MIND creates lasting physical changes [22:38]
  • Raising Parents and how it supports people [26:34]
  • What is epigenetic testing?  And what are its benefits? [29:41]
  • Common issues when taking care of aging parents [32:03]
  • Why Taylor is so passionate about cleaning up our oceans [37:22]
  • The rules and principles that guide Taylor’s life [41:55]
  • How sleep helps us functionally reset [52:25]


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