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Dance, burnout, taking a leap, self-love, shifts, pivots, and going all-in. Today’s guest shares with us her journey from a very rigid type-A lifestyle to a transformational experience that led her to self-love, seeing the world in a new way, and helped her realize her true passion and what she really wants out of life.

Amber Sears is the founder of Epic Self. She’s an international pilates and yoga teacher, plant based nutritionist, and mind-body-spirit transformational coach who helps people and entrepreneurs achieve their dream businesses and lifestyles. Amber shares with us her background in competitive dancing and how she eventually decided to move to Costa Rica to start her journey to self-discovery. She also discusses the transformational benefits of Ayahuasca, which is a big part of her business.

Show Notes:

  • How dance is Amber’s language and greatest soul expression [6:00]
  • When Amber started asking “who am I outside of dancing” [7:42]
  • Amber’s ayahuasca journey [14:30]
  • The ceremony that started Amber’s healing* [16:40]
  • How Amber’s epic awakening was born [18:44]
  • What Ayahuasca is and how it brings about such massive healing [22:20]
  • Purging as getting well rather than getting sick [26:02]
  • We’re all connected, we can tap into a source [28:31]
  • Experiencing “ego death” [30:24]
  • Amber’s biggest lesson during her first Ayahuasca ceremony: Self-love [32:27]
  • The necessity of self-love (especially for people who hate the term) [33:50]
  • How emotions get trapped in the physical body [38:32]
  • Going all-in and pivoting her entire life [41:12]
  • Pivoting after a failure [51:31]
  • Coming full circle: How Amber eventually reignited her passion for dancing [53:55]
  • What matters is who you are along the journey [1:01:14]


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