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What if you didn’t have to for ‘realistic’ goals anymore?  What if the BIG bold audacious goals you REALLY want were actually easier to achieve?  How would your life be different?  Today you’ll see proof that this is the truth.

Today we’re speaking to Eric James.  He’s the founder of Red Therapy Co and a man on a mission to create magical technologies to help the world look better, feel better, and have more fun.  He is the poster child for setting big goals and achieving them.

Having 2 of the first-ever Top 10 iPhone Apps… Check.
Meeting Elon Musk in a closed art studio… Check.
Convincing Richard Branson to send you into space… Check.

Eric is the poster child for setting BIG goals and routinely achieving them. If you’re looking for a little encouragement to launch your BOLD dream into the world, this episode is for you!


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