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Body image is a BIG issue.  It affects a huge number of men and women across the world–– and there’s an $80 Billion dollar weight-loss industry fuelling it.  Today’s guest is Samantha Skelly. She’s an author, entrepreneur and the founder of Hungry For Happiness whose sole mission is to support people to overcome binge eating and change their relationship with their food and their bodies for the better.

Listen as Samantha shares how her own struggles with food and body image led her to growing a successful business and powerful movement disrupting the weight-loss industry and positively impacting the lives of those affected by binge eating.

Show Notes:

  • Samantha shares about her previous unhealthy relationship food (03:47)
  • Dieting makes you gain weight (12:29)
  • Treating internal wounds with internal solutions (13:16)
  • Getting into your realm of safety (15:21)
  • The fear of love being taken away (18:28)
  • Samantha shares how she grew her business (22:03)
  • The power of human connection and intimacy (32:38)
  • Samantha shares how she started Hungry For Happiness (36:33)
  • Samantha’s movement (45:55)
  • An EPIC life for Samantha (56:35)


Find More About Samantha:

Samantha’s Website: LINK 

Instagram: LINK

Youtube: LINK