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Mike Bledsoe may well be the world’s foremost authority on human optimization– he’s also one of the most interesting people I know.  He’s the host of two successful podcasts, a software company co-founder, psychedelic explorer, former member of the navy– in fact, there’s very little he doesn’t do.

Today he’s really out to be a positive force for psycho-emotional and spiritual health.  The kind of guy who can tell you the most cutting-edge science about optimizing your training routine or nootropic stack right before diving into a deep discussion on the unconscious patterns that are actually driving your actions.

Some highlights of today’s show are:

  • What it looks like when you drop the belief that work has to be “hard”
  • From navy member to having the #1 Fitness podcast on iTunes
  • How an empathy exercise + magic mushrooms changed the trajectory of his life
  • The right and wrong way to start with psychedelics to really get the benefit
  • How asking the hard questions leads to your best life


To find out more about Mike visit:

Instagram:  @mike_bledsoe
His Personal PodcastThe Bledsoe Show
His Fitness Show:  Barbell Shrugged